Ivorine With Silver Two Face Collectors Walking Stick

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Two faces in silver crook handle walking stick

Ivorine and silver crook handle walking cane
Ivorine & Silver Crop Handle Walking Stick
Ivorine crook handle with silver. The silver  sterling silver  and stamped as such.
( Hallmarked 925 Sterling Silver - Europe)
Made In Italy

Mounted on a beautiful highly polished black hardwood shaft, ending in a fixed brass ferrule.

Dimensions: Length 92 cm

Ivorine & Silver Crop Handle Walking Stick

These canes are made with 92.5% pure silver. The process to make these canes gives them the name R925.  The R stands Rivestito-Italian for 'covered' which make up the stamped hallmark on the cane.


These canes are not designed for heavy weight bearing. The pommel may incur damage if dropped on a hard surface.