Shooting Sticks / Seat Sticks
Shooting Sticks / Seat Sticks

Seat Sticks

The term ‘seat stick' covers many practical seats ranging from traditional leather 'shooting sticks' to fashionable seats made from contemporary materials. 


Everyone likes to take the weight off their legs and back at times, whether watching sporting events, at a picnic or simply for regular rests whilst going about day-to-day life.  However,remember a spike is used on soft ground and rubber base or rubber pad  on hard ground. If you want to a shooting stick for both hard and soft ground then go for a combination with both spike and rubber.


The more able-bodied often favour single-leg seats, whilst three  legged seats are ideal for those who want to sit for longer periods of time or seek greater stability.


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Flipstick - Leisure Seats Adjustable - Black


Foldaway Flipstick -Adjustable Long- Black


Chunky Tan Leather Polo / Shooting Stick


Traditional Black Leather Shooting / Seat Stick

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