Walking Stick

White Metal Golf Ball Swagger Stick

White metal golf ball pommel on bamboo shaft

Presentation Ivory Crop Handle On Malacca Shaft With Silver Collar-1887

Chunky ivory crop handle on malacca shaft with silver collar and leter base metal ferrule

Crook Handle Walking Stick With Shagreen Collar shaft holding the wording:ANTOINE -PARIS

Very smart gents malacca crook handle with shagreen collar and base ferrule

Chinese Silver Pommel Swagger Stick

Silver Chinese silver pommel  on bamboo swagger stick

Hallmarked Silver Pommel On Black Shaft-London 1869 Brigg

Excellent silver pommel walking stick on black shaft

Silver Horse Hoof Cook Handle Walking Stick c.1920

Slim line Malacca crook handle walking stick with silver mounts

Victorian Carved Antler As A Comical Character Figure Walking Stick c.1880

Victorian  antler handle carved as a large nosed man, with metal ferrule.

19th Century Silver Pommel Walking Stick With Lower Band-1894

Good smart slim line silver ( tested) walking stick

19th Century Mexican Carved & Coloured Walking Stick

19th  Century Mexican One Length Walking Stick

St Johns Ambulance Swagger Stick

Details Arriving Shortly

Carved Horn Walking Stick

Details Arriving Shortly

Military Swagger Stick

Details Arriving Shortly

Cheroot Cutter Gadget Walking Stick

Details Arriving Shortly

Dog Head Pointer Walking Stick

Details Arriving Shortly

Beautiful Art Deco Walking Stick- London 1927

A superb Deco Walking stick with deep red translucent semi precious pommel on six sided ash shaft

Bone Crop Handle Walking stick

Details Arriving Shortly

Early 20th Century Large Kutch Indian Silver Pommel On Black Shaft

This is a large walking stick. The pommel solid silver in the Kutch Indian design

Carved Horn Dog On Briar Shaft Walking Stick

Edwardian Carved bovine horn dog head on briar shaft

Early Victorian Fist On Step Bamboo Walking Cane

Early light weight fist on step bamboo with original base metal ferrule

Early 20th Century Briar Country Stick

Good quality knobbly walking stick. A lovely stick for display or use

Indian Colonial Solid Silver Pommel On Black Shaft Walking Stick c.1900

This is a superb example of Indian Colonial silver walking stick

Heavy Victorian Silver Plated Dog Head Walking Stick

Superb heavy Victorian cast silver plated walking stick in he form of a dogs head on deep collar

Heavy Victorian Scottish Lion Crop Handle

A heavy, large white metal(tested silver no Assay mark) crop handle on black shaft walking stick

Victorian Folk Cane of a Monkey Head With Glass Eyes c.1890

Lovely little one length  walking stick in the form of a monkey's head

Victorian One Length Character Walking Stick in the Form of Mythical Animal

A lovely little cane for collection. Unusual study of a mythical animal with beautiful patina.