Horn,Bone & Ivory Walking Stick

Antique & Old Ivory,Bone & Horn Walking Canes

Horn, bone and ivory has been a major material in the construction of walking sticks, from the most basic to the most prized.

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Blonde Horn Walking Stick With Silver Collar-J.H Jonathan Howell 1926 Birmingham


Japanese Shibayama On Boar Tusk With Silver Mounts -London 1930


Blonde Cow Horn With Silver Mounts-London 1899


Ivory Pommel on Slim Line Shaft Walking Stick c.1910


Early 20th Century Horn Crop Handle On Briar Shaft With Silver Collar


Very Smart Deer Horn With Silver Collar-Birmingham 1911


Very Large Late Georgian Early Victorian Large Horn Pommel on Malacca Shaft


Slim Line Horn Sampler Swagger Stick c.1900


Pair Slim Line Wood & Horn Sample Canes c. 1860


Horn Sample Walking Stick With Silver Collar c.1880


Tortoiseshell Branch Handle With Silver Mounts London 1924


Victorian Blonde Bovine Horn Horses Fetlock On Ringed Leather Shaft c.1870


Horn Ball & Claw on Ash c.1930


Root Ball & Bone Skull Folk Cane c.1920


Swiss Walking Stick c.1910


Victorian Carved Ivory 'The Little Boy' c.1850


Horn Axe Head Collector's Cane c.1920


Black Horn Dress Cane c.1920


Ivory Carving on Bamboo c.1900


Victorian Jockey Character Cane on Malacca c.1900


Ivory on Coromandel - Mr W Kirby c.1890


Horn Pommel with Silver Collar- London 1906

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