Italian Silver Skull -925 Sterling Silver Collectors Cane


Italian Translucent & Silver Sherlock Holmes Pommel - 925 Sterling Silver Collector's Cane


The Silver Ivy Crown Collector's Cane - 925 Sterling Silver


The Collector's Gloss Black Dress Sphere With Silver Band - 925 Sterling Silver


Ivory Style Pommel With Silver Mounts


The Italian Mushroom Brierstyle With Silver Decoration


The Silver Mask Collector's Walking Cane- 925 Sterling Silver


Alpacca Silver Cap Stick on Hardwood


Italian Silver Plated Crown Pommel


Silver Plated Ball Twist Collector's Cane


The Two Faces The Lion And The Man


The Street Smart Hare - 925 Silver Collector's Walking Cane


The Silver Crocodile Collector's Cane


Italian Silver Plated Elephant


The Silver Tiger Collector's Walking Cane - 925 Silver Collector's Cane


The Transparent Cool Monkey Collector's Cane - 925 Sterling Silver Collector's Cane


Silver Parrot Collector's Cane-F08


The Beautiful Silver Owl Collector's Walking Cane - 925 Sterling Silver


Italian Silver Owl Walking Cane

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