Walking Stick holders arrive in a large range of designs and age


Unlike collecting classic cars walking sticks are little easier to store and display. However, that is dependant on how many- get over the thousands and you may need a collection/ display  room or possibly a warehouse!


You do not need to be an avid collector of walking sticks to appreciate a good display of attractive walking sticks. The great advantage being that walking sticks make a great display in any size residence.


Many people use ceramic pots to store and display walking sticks. This type of display does look good but beware someone, some day, will ram a stick with a metal ferrule down too hard into the pot and crrracckk- there goes the lovely display pot. The solution to this being is to place a rubber ferrule on the base of all the sticks that have metal ferrules.


We all have something we dislike in respect to a collection. The author’s  pet hate is scratched walking stick shafts. So when using any pot, be it ceramic or metal try to line inside the container with felt to stop the scratching as you remove the cane.


Alternatively, you can get stick sleeves / socks but these can be expensive and generally only arrive in one size. However, you can make your own with a little time and help from a sewing machine.


The key point in displaying in pots, is do not throw every walking stick in. This will only result in overcrowding and damage.


You can purchase a stick stand be it old and a collectors item or new and made from MDF. The prices again will vary, based on the age, size, material etc. In general stick stands with age are a good investment, as well as a means of storage and display.



If you do not have a lot of floor space then think about displaying your sticks on the wall. A great project, for the DIY enthusiast. Alternatively, you can buy a wooden gun rack, which does very well with a little tweaking. Just enter wooden gun rack into Google and you will see the potential for that wall stick display.


 Have fun in displaying your walking stick collection

walking stick collection by Stephen
Superb antique walking stick collection display by Stephen G