Snakewood Derby With Brass Collar 37H

Superb derby handle mounted on snake wood shaft. The cane finished with brass collar and base metal ferrule.

Length:91 cm


Hercules Extra Long Derby Walking Stick c3600

The ideal cane for the taller and heavier individual with strengthened internal joints. Finished with brass collar and base rubber ferrule.

Length-109 cm


Textured Beech Derby - 3239

Unusual beech derby with textured sides to the derby handle. Finished with white metal collar. Base of the cane  finished with base rubber ferrule.

Length: 92 cm


Gents Umbrella Cane


Gents Umbrella Cane

The handle unscrews to reveal a hidden umbrella, with a black canopy and a hardwood handle. 

Length: 92 cm.


Gents Country Derby With Knobbly Blackthorn Shaft-


Superb Gents Country Cherry Wood Derby With Knobbly Blackthorn Shaft

A very stylish, strong cane

Fitted with base rubber ferrule

Length: 92 cm




Superb Brown Hardwood Derby With Filigree Brass Collar


Superb Brown Hardwood Derby With Filigree Brass Collar Completed with Base Rubber Ferrule

Length:92 cm


The Natural & Black Gents Derby Cane

Natural wood derby mounted on black hardwood shaft with base rubber ferrule.

Length:92 cm


Gents Black Derby With Nickel Collar

Gents Black Derby With Nickel Collar

Length: 92 cm - Black hardwood shaft  ending in a rubber ferrule for extra stability against wet or slippery floors

Should you require a shorter length, please contact us with your requirements.



Black Derby Bijoux Walking Cane - 136


Length 91 cm - Black laminated hardwood shaft with 2 gold coloured metal bands, ending with a metal ferrule.

Light weight, stylish and comfortable to use



Gents White Derby Cane


This is a lovely white gents derby cane by Classic Canes.The shaft is made of a white laminated hardwood shaft with a rubber ferrule on the base.

Length : 91 cm


Gents Chrome Derby On Black Hardwood Lacquered Shaft (3591)

Gents Chrome Derby On Black Hardwood  Lacquered Shaft- with base non-slip rubber ferrule

Branded: Classic Canes

Height:91 cm



Chrome Branch Dress Cane On Cherry Shaft

Chrome Branch Dress Cane On Cherry Shaft & Finished With Metal Ferrule

Length : 91 cm