Dog Head Walking Canes
Dog Head Walking Sticks

Dog Head Walking Sticks & Canes

One of the largest on-line collections of dog head walking sticks & canes.

 Realistic carvings in silver,resin and wood depicting Labrador, Jack Russell,Spaniels,Boxers,Great Dane and many more canine breeds.

These beautiful  dog head walking canes and sticks, are ideal for the dog lover, stick collector, dress use and general user of a walking stick.

 All canes arrive with Free UK Delivery.

We will shorten your desired cane to your requested length FREE OF CHARGE



Silver Greyhound Collector's Walking Stick


Italian Silver Wire Hair Fox Terrier - 925 Sterling Silver Collector's Cane


Silver Plated Dog Head On Branch Handle On Black Shaft Walking Stick - 863


Carved Palm Face of a Dogs Head- 4053


Nickel Plated Dog Head Crook


Beautiful Nickel Plated Art Nouveau Style Crook Greyhound Crook Handle Walking Stick G.1


Man's Best Friend -The Dog Collector's Cane


The Snarling Boxer Dog Collectors Cane


Silver Doberman Pinscher - 925 Silver Collector's Stick


The Silver Mastiff Dog Collector's Cane - 925 Silver Collector's Cane


Italian My Little Poodle Collector's Cane - 925 Sterling Silver Collector's Cane


The Silver Boxer - 925 Silver Collector's Cane


Silver Setter Dog Head Collectors Walking Cane-


Silver Collie Collector's Cane


The British Bulldog Walking Stick


Nickel Plated Hound On Black Shaft Walking Stick


Art Nouveau Style Black Greyhound Crook


Multi Coloured Dog Head Collector's Walking Cane


Hand Carved & Hand Painted Terrier Country Walking With Hand Made Hallmarked Sterling Silver, Brass,Copper or White Metal Collar


Bronze Cocker Spaniel Collector's Cane


Black Labrador Walking Stick


Collie Dog Walking Stick


Bronze Golden Retriever Collector's Cane


West Highland White Terrier -Westie Walking Cane


Italian Silver Cocker Spaniel Dog Headed Collector's Cane - 925 Silver Collector's Cane

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