Racing or Bookies Pencil Cane (Brigg of London 1923)

A superb little pencil cane on step bamboo.Finished with base brass and metal ferrule replacement. Assay for London 1923 with the maker's mark Brigg London.

The silver collar with the dedication:




The cane is in good original condition free from breaks yet shows appropriate wear for age.

Length: 92.5 cm

Sack Spear Stick


Semi Automatic Petrol Lighter Gadget Cane c.1920


Semi - automatic petrol lighter with push button action. White metal although holding impressed mark HALLMARKED SILVER on base of lighter. Push the button on the side and the lighter lid lifts at speed.  The button needs to be pushed when closing the lighter.


Top of lighter engraved with TCD.


The lighter is mounted on a square hardwood shaft with what appears to be the original base metal ferrule



It is evident that the cane has been well used yet free from breaks, cracks or restoration. The lighter has not been tested for flame .


Length of Cane: 93.5 cm


Silver Pommel Alcohol Rule Measuring Cane Made by J Long London (London 1912)

A unique, early 20TH century silver pommel, liquid measuring cane. Suggested use as an alcohol rule for measuring levels in casks . Made by the measuring instrument maker L.Long of London.


Assay for London with what appears to be 1912.  Date letter held but very rubbed.


Measurements on the fruit wood cane are in imperial gallons and marked up to 16 gallons. Original brass & metal base ferrule.





The cane is in lovely condition for age yet, showing appropriate wear for age. Silver pommel holds a slight ding on the side and very slight silver tear at the bottom collar of the pommel otherwise in lovely condition.


Length :110 cm

Victorian Ivory & Silver Floating Compass Gadget Cane ( c.1890)

Victorian Ivory & Silver Floating Compass Gadget Cane ( c1890- 1900)


Good example of a floating compass cane. Mounted in ivory with silver collar and decoration. Silver Hallmarked for Chester but date letter too rubbed to determine year. Mounted on a hardwood shaft and completed with a base metal ferrule.




The compass, silver and cane are all in good condition for age - free from breaks or cracks yet showing appropriate wear for age.




Length: 93cm

Compass Top Diameter: 4cm

Depth of Pommel: 4cm

Diameter Top of Cane: 2.25

Diameter Bottom of Cane: 2cm