Bird Head Walking Sticks
Bird Head Walking Cane

Bird Head Walking Canes

Walking Canes or walking stick tops in the form of a wild bird  have been evident for centuries. Formed from wood  to elaborate works of art in bone, horn, ivory, silver, gold…… 

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The Beautiful Silver Swan-Hercule Poirot Style Collector's Cane


Toucan Bird Head Walking Stick (I-P1)


Olive Wood Carved Bird Head - S 956


Duck on Bamboo Shaft- DBS1


Multiple Parrots with Colour Splash Collector's Cane


Cheeky Parrot With Gilt Collar - 20


The Silver Pheasant Collector's Walking Cane


Luxury Enamel Colourful Parrot Walking Stick


Silver Plate Italian Owl -17


Beautiful Swan Collector's Cane (swr1)


Beautiful Nickel Plated Swan Collector's Cane


Silver Parrot Collector's Cane-F08


The Silver Eagle Collector's Cane- 925 Sterling Silver


The Beautiful Silver Owl Collector's Walking Cane - 925 Sterling Silver


The Italian Silver Hawk Collector's Walking Stick- 925 Sterling Silver Collector's Walking Cane


Ivorine Parrot on Black Lacquered Shaft -iv1


Duck Head Crook Handle On Brown Shaft


Beautiful Multi Coloured Pheasant Collectors Cane p1


Beautiful Multi Colourful Bird Collector's Cane


Aviator Duck Collectors Cane

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