Ladies Extending Walking Sticks

Extending adjustable fashionable  walking sticks & canes are brilliant when your not quite sure of the stick length you require.Light weight, strong, fashionable and easy to store.

All canes arrive with Free UK Delivery


Adjustable Blue Engraved Walking Stick-54B


Adjustable Purple Engraved Walking Stick-54F


Blue Pink & White Marbled Adjustable Fashion Cane 4641K


Slimline Cream Patterned Extending Cane With Brass Collar -4099B


Slimline Blue Extending Cane With Brass Collar- 4099c


Slimline Red Floral Extending Cane With Brass Collar - 4099E


Slimline Green Floral Extending Cane- 4099F


Slimline Brown Burgundy Floral Extending Cane With Brass Collar -4099G


Slimline Grey Floral Extending Cane With Brass Collar -4099H


Chelsea Pink Floral Slim Line Extending Walking Stick - 4099K


Slimline Extending Floral Peachy Pink-4099L


Slimline Extending Floral Peppermint -4099M


Hot Funky Red Adjustable Walking Stick- 4641A


Golden Leopard Adjustable Walking Stick - 4641C


The Snow Leopard Adjustable Walking Stick- 4641D


English Roses Extending Derby Cane - 4098B


Jaguar Adjustable Extending Fashion Derby 4641E


Petite Derby Autumn Leaves Adjustable Walking Cane - 4098C


Siberian Tiger Fashion Extending Derby Cane 4641 F


Green Check Adjustable Walking Stick - 4641B

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