Country Sticks

Country Sticks

Country sticks arrive in a multitude of names, designs and uses. Normally produced from wood, bone or horn. Individualised decoration with metals, silver or carvings.  The latter years has seen a growth of men and women taking up the craft of ‘stick making.



Stout Blackthorn Knob Stick

Beautiful stout Blackthorn knob stick finished with base metal ferrule.

Harvested from sustainable forests. As the blackthorn is naturally harvested, each stick will differ slightly  in shape and weight.

Length: 92 cm


Stag Horn Country Walking Stick

Stag Horn Country Walking Stick On Natural Wood Shaft With Base Metal Ferrule.

Length: 93 cm

The horn used for this stick is shed annually by the animal. No animals are harmed in the collection of the horn.



Wide Maple Derby on Fruitwood Shaft 1215

Extra-wide maple derby handle is suited to a larger hand. The fruit wood shaft  fitted with a smart brass collar and a neat metal ferrule.

Length :92 cm