Country walking sticks & canes
Country walking sticks & canes

Country Sticks

Country sticks arrive in a multitude of names, designs and uses.


Normally country sticks are produced from wood, bone or horn. Individualised by decorating with metals, silver or carvings.  The latter years has seen a growth of men and women taking up the craft of stick making.

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Olive Wood Carved Bird Head - S 956


Stout Blackthorn Knob Stick


Stag Horn Country Walking Stick


Stag Horn Thumb Stick


Chestnut Spiral Hiker With Leather Lanyard


Chestnut Hiker With Spike Ferrule & Leather Lanyard


Chestnut Spiral Knob Stick


Ash Polished Knob Stick-3589


Gents Country Derby With Knobbly Blackthorn Shaft-

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