Country walking sticks & canes
Country walking sticks & canes

Country Walking Sticks & Canes

Country sticks, market sticks, crooks and thumb sticks are one of the best companions when you are exploring the countryside. 


Normally country sticks are produced from wood, bone or horn. Individualised by decorating with metals, silver or carvings.  Country walking  sticks that have evolved through the long established craft of stick making.  Beautiful contry sticks for use, collecion or as a gift for that special person.

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Indian Rosewood Lyre Thumb Stick on Stained Green Chestnut Shaft


Hallmarked Sterling Silver on Buffalo Horn Thumb Stick


Buffalo Horn With Copper Inlay On Green Chestnut Shaft


Olive Wood Carved Bird Head - S 956


Stout Blackthorn Knob Stick


Stag Horn Country Walking Stick


Stag Horn Thumb Stick


Chestnut Spiral Hiker With Leather Lanyard


Chestnut Hiker With Spike Ferrule & Leather Lanyard


Chestnut Spiral Knob Stick


Ash Polished Knob Stick-3589

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