Folk Art Walking Sticks & Canes
Folk Art Walking Sticks & Canes

Folk Art Walking Sticks & Canes

Folk walking canes are one of the largest area's for the walking stick collector to explore. A folk walking cane is a not a mass machine manufactured walking stick, more likely to be, a little primitive in application.The pure example  being created by  a lone individual whittling away at a piece of wood,filing bone or horn and possibly embellishing with copper,brass or some form of white metal to create an individual design.


 At the other end of the folk walking cane spectrum being the walking stick manufacturer of past years, outsourcing the carving of canes with pre defined design criteria. Likely a silver, white metal collar added to the finished item by the manufacturer, bearing the makers stamp and metal makers punch. The more sophisticated canes being held to be wood based  'novelty' walking sticks.


19th Century Elaborate Black Dog Folk Walking Cane


Lion Head Folk Walking Stick c.1850


Victorian Hand Carved Greyhound on Stripped Briar Shaft c.1900


Beautifully Carved Elderly Gentleman Novelty Walking Stick-Birmingham 1992


The Superb Lion & Fox Character Walking Cane With Silver Collar Chester 1904


Victorian Foot & Slipper Walking Stick c.1900


Entwined Carved Snake Walking Stick


Pitcairn Island Defiant Fist Walking Stick


Unusual Carved Hazel Folk Cane


19th Century Folk Art Walking Stick c.1890


Carved Bird Head With Twisted Ivy Shaft c.1950


Folk Cane Carved Face c.1920


Carved Hardwood Character Cane c. 1810


Root Ball & Bone Skull Folk Cane c.1920


Superb Carved Figural Head of Two Faces of Man c.1890


Wood Sample Collector’s Cane (c1920)


Victorian Folk Cane Hooded Face


Victorian From Kilkenny Folk Cane c.1880


Large Marquetry Pommel on Horn Segmented Shaft c.1900


Victorian Specimen Wood Cane with Carved Ivory Handle with Shield Shaped Cartouche (c.1880 )

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