Antique & Old Dog, Bird & Animal Head Walking Sticks


Georgian Style Dog Head on Black Shaft c.1920


Vintage Ivorine Hound With Silver Collar walking cane


Blonde Cow Horn Greyhound Folk Cane c.1900


Superb Heavy Cast Silver Plated Hunting Dog Walking Stick c.1850


The Carved Little Bird on Bamboo Country Cane c.1920


Pure Character Study Of A Pug x Chow Dog Walking Stick c.1910


Carved Labrador Dog Head Walking Stick- London1979


Beautiful Slim Line Study of a Duck c.1900


Victorian Ivory Dog Head c.1880


Superb Carved Dog Head c.1910


Victorian Rustic Folk Cane Grotesque Man & Owl c.1890


Victorian Folk Cane of a Monkey Head With Glass Eyes c.1890


Victorian Carved Horn Greyhound On Bamboo c.1860 (G1)


Carved Study of a Dog on Rosewood Birmingham 1904


The Little Cat (c.1910)


Carved Boxwood Study of a Cat Novelty Walking Stick c.1930


Late Georgian Dog Head Folk Cane c.1830


Slim Line Parrot Head Walking Stick on Slim Line Step Bamboo c.1900


Roaring Lion Crook Handle With Silver Collar c.1900


Slim Line Dark Horn Carved Greyhound on Congo Wood c.1900

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