Silver and gold are the most common metals used in the production of old & antique walking sticks

Antique - Old Precious & Soft Metal Walking Sticks & Canes

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An old or antique walking stick with a precious metal top made from silver or gold is a treat to behold. But don't forget the less valuable metals, produce a stunning effect on a walking stick

Unusual Carved Wood Crop Handle Walking Cane In the Form of Deer Horn - Silver Collar Chester 1910


Victorian Heavy Cast Silver Plated Dog Head Walking Stick


Early Victorian Silver Plated Pommel on Malacca Shaft Walking Stick c.1850


Blonde Cow Horn Crook Handle Walking Stick With Silver Collar & Shoe-London 1925


Heavy Bronze Golf Presentation Walking Stick 1911


Slim Line Deco Kingwood With Silver Inlay


Slim Line Indian Silver Tall Swagger Walking Stick


Chinese Silver Branch Handle on Black Hardwood Shaft 1902


Smart Button Pommel on Kingwood Shaft c.1920


Silver Button Top Pommel On Malacca Shaft - Birmingham 1913


Slim Line Indian Silver Pommel on Black Hardwood Shaft c.1900


Step Bamboo Crop Handle with Pinchbeck Mounts c.1910


Planished Slim Line Silver Pommel Cane On Palmira c.1905


Slim Line Kutch Indian Silver On Black Hardwood Shaft c.1900 (K2)


Silver Deco Pommel on Palmira c.1920


Madras Indian Silver Slim Line Pommel Black Hardwood Shaft c.1890 (M1)


Floral Silver Pommel on Black Hardwood Shaft Walking Stick-London 1917


Silver Pommel by Brigg London On Black Hardwood Walking Stick Shaft -London 1919


Superb Slim Line Indian Silver on Rosewood c.1910 (0116)


Very Large Silver Pommel on Cork Wood Presentation Cane - Edinburgh 1879

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