Gents Walking Sticks


Ivory Style Deco Cook Dress Cane


Barley Sugar Crook Handle Dress Cane


Gents Scorched Shadow Spiral Derby Cane- 3243


Gents Beech Spiral Derby Green -3241


Beech Derby Walking Stick With Spiral Carving


Derby With Horn Inlay on Black Shaft


Snakewood Derby With Brass Collar 37H


Textured Beech Derby - 3239


Gents Umbrella Cane


Morocco Derby Cane


Gents Country Derby With Knobbly Blackthorn Shaft-


Superb Brown Hardwood Derby With Filigree Brass Collar


Chrome Patterned Crutch Handle On Black Hardwood Shaft ( 3553)


Gents Black Derby With Nickel Collar


Black Derby Bijoux Walking Cane - 136


Gents White Derby Cane


Chrome Adjustable Crutch Handle Walking Cane - Aluminium Adjustable Shaft (3598)


Chrome Branch Dress Cane On Cherry Shaft


Gents Natural Polished Derby Handle on Dark Burgundy Shaft - 36E


Dark Bronze Marbled Branch Handle Cane - 427

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