Gentlemans walking sticks and canes
Gentlemans walking sticks and canes

Gents Walking Sticks

Gent's walking canes in a large range of styles & colours

 Superb range of gentlemen’s walking sticks for every day general use, special occasion, evening and formal use. Our range of Gent’s walking canes arrive with handles in Derby styles, branch handles, crop or pommels. All gent’s walking canes  on hardwood shafts, beautifully finished in natural or black.

If you require your  selected cane to be  shorter, than the listed length, please state  required length on ordering and we will shorten and replace the ferrule  free of charge.

Not sure of the length you require then visit our Blog-information section for details


Ivory Style Deco Cook Dress Walking Cane


Barley Sugar Crook Handle Dress Cane


Gents Scorched Shadow Spiral Derby Cane- 3243


Gents Beech Spiral Derby Green -3241


Beech Derby Walking Stick With Spiral Carving


Derby With Horn Inlay on Black Shaft


Snakewood Derby With Brass Collar 37H


Textured Beech Derby - 3239


Gents Umbrella Cane


Morocco Derby Cane


Gents Country Derby With Knobbly Blackthorn Shaft-


Chrome Patterned Crutch Handle On Black Hardwood Shaft ( 3553)


Gents Black Derby With Nickel Collar


Black Derby Bijoux Walking Cane - 136


Gents White Derby Cane


Chrome Adjustable Crutch Handle Walking Cane - Aluminium Adjustable Shaft (3598)


Chrome Branch Dress Cane On Cherry Shaft


Gents Natural Polished Derby Handle on Dark Burgundy Shaft - 36E


Dark Bronze Marbled Branch Handle Cane - 427


Shades of Pink Marbled Acrylic Branch Handle Cane - 4014

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