Silver Walking Sticks & Silver Plated Walking Canes

Silver & Silver Plated Walking Sticks & Canes

Scotties Walking sticks hold one of the largest range of sterling silver & Italian silver hallmarked dress walking sticks for formal dress events, be it a wedding or formal black tie event.

Our silver walking sticks make a stunning display in walking stick stands for the interior designers

All canes arrive with Free UK Delivery

For that special event be it a wedding, theatre or a night at the opera a walking cane / stick is not ‘carried ' it is ‘worn ' .  A dress prop that promotes elegance and distinction to the owner.

A walking stick for a special occasion is defined as a 'formal cane' or 'dress cane'


Contemporary silver cane tops can break or chip if dropped . Therefore, we advise new silver canes be used for 'Dress Use' or 'collection' and not for every day use. Silver plate,alpaca, nickel silver or white metal have, due to mixed metal nature, hold increased strength which can cope with light daily wear. 


Silver Balls Collector's Walking Cane


Liberty Style Art Nouveau Walking Stick


The Fish Sketch Silver Branch Handle Walking Stick


Silver Ram Collector's Walking Stick


Silver Racing Jockey & Horse Walking Stick


Silver Greyhound Collector's Walking Stick


Ivorine Rose Column Collector's Cane - 07


Chrome Branch / Crutch Handle Dress Cane


Chrome Crown Handle Dress Cane


The Beautiful Silver Swan-Hercule Poirot Style Collector's Cane


Italian Flore Flowers Pommel Cane


Beautiful Silver Pill Box Style Collector's Cane


The Italian Silver Mozart Figured Cane- 925 Sterling Silver Collector's Cane


The Italian Silver Devil 925 Sterling Silver Collector's Cane


The Comyns Silver Dog Walking Stick


The Italian Black Ribbon & Silver Feathers Collector's Cane


Italian Silver Ribbon Swagger Collector's Cane


French Boy & Girl Collector's Cane


Silver Wild Mushroom Collector's Cane


Multiple Parrots with Colour Splash Collector's Cane


Silver Plated Crook Handle On Black Shaft -859


The Italian Silver Lion Pommel Walking Stick


Grey Silver Branch Dress Cane


The Silver Lion & Snake Collector's Cane


Leda And The Swan Collector's Walking Cane

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